Monday, 10 February 2014

Freelance 2D Artist Needed!

We are looking for a talented freelance 2D artist/illustrator to come and work on our upcoming title. We need somebody with a passion for environment art who is very flexible with styles.

The artist for this title will produce multiple atlas maps containing assets for the game environment, quick enemy concepts and their corresponding atlas maps for us to animate. The artist will need to show a flair for the imagination, and be able to expand and develop on the environments that have already been designed.

We work on a pay-per-item basis. We will pay roughly between $100-$120 per atlas map and $90 per enemy atlas map. The work in total will come to around $900-$1000 if all items are added together. However, we need to have the right to ask for changes and alterations if a style/asset doesn’t match.

The job will be over the next 2 months, and all assets will need to be completed by the beginning of April. We will set a schedule with the artist to know when we will be expecting certain assets. We would expect at least 1 or 2 atlas maps a week. However, we are flexible and fairly relaxed and understand that you will probably have other jobs on the go as well.

If you are interested, you will need to submit a very quick paint-over of this placeholder level (no need to take more than an hour) so we can see if your style will match the game. We must say now that we will not pay you for this quick paint-over.

For this quick tester, we would want you to completely paint over the walls and floor and turn it into a jungle-scape or desert-scape. Feel free to take as much or as little inspiration from the jungle and desert concepts we already have but it would have to match the kind of light-hearted style we are trying to present. Animals have big eyes if they are important characters or dumb cross eyes if they are background characters. Do not feel that you have to have animals that exist in our world, but they at least have to be connected to a type of animal or familiar to a player (for example, if a player see's something that looks similar to a snake, they know roughly how it will move and what it will do). We are going for a 'land before time' kind of style with dense overgrowth. The walls themselves do not need to be walls: they can be made from trees, rocks, thick vines or anything else you can think of that a player could bounce off and understand as a barrier. (Additional Note: Look at ‘The Croods’ for further inspiration).

Here's an example of a paint-over and how far you can take the style:

Email us at for more information or for a copy of the placeholder level.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Runner (Fight Fight Zombanite Character)

The 'Runner' is one of the first characters we concepted for FFZ. We needed a character who could specialise in gathering supplies and act as a good support character for the rest of the team.


We want to encourage players to use their survivors differently and in styles that match each survivor's abilities. Due to this, we made the runner a very focused character. So, while she is the fastest survivor of the team, she also has one of the lowest total HP. Her abilities are not offensive orientated: she can use Speed Boost for a quick 2 second sprint, and her Supply Bonanza gives her an extra supply for every supply she picks up. With these perks and abilities, we find that players use her much more tactically then they do most characters: she is always picked on supply runs and fence fixing missions and she is almost always played away from the main group to scout ahead.

The 'Runner' will be a fantastic supporting character to add to your team roster: she is fast, dangerous and vital in supply runs.